KNBL Liners – B


Start Date01/03/2019

End Date02/01/2025

Listen weekday mornings at 6:50 for a nugget of history as Cannonball 101 digs deep for notable events that happened on this day during the Blast from the Past.

Feel Good Story Of The Day

Start Date01/03/2019

End Date02/20/2023

Cannonball 101 wants to send you to work in a good mood. Listen every weekday morning at 7:50 for the Feel Good Story of the Day, that will help keep your faith in humanity and have you smiling … or crying, all the way to work.

Between The Headlines

Start Date03/08/2021

End Date12/31/2023

Read Between The Headlines with Scott Taylor weekday mornings at 7:05. News you won’t believe is real because it’s so weird, wacky or downright silly. Every weekday morning at 7:05 Read Between The Headlines with Scott Taylor on Cannonball 101.

Today In Music History powered by Grease Monkey....Voted Idaho's Best Oil Change.

Start Date12/27/2021

End Date12/31/2023

Everyday Justin Pierce will fill your brain with music facts from the past. Find out what happened on this day every hour. It's Today in Music History powered by Grease Monkey....Voted Idaho's Best Oil Change.


Start Date12/28/2021

End Date12/18/2037


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Cannonball 101's BIG #1

Start Date12/30/2022

End Date12/31/2023

Each weekday afternoon at 3:45pm find out what song was #1 on this day in History. Here the story behind the hits with The Big #1 on Cannonball 101!

Get Under the Covers each weekday at 5pm!

Start Date01/01/2023

End Date12/31/2023

Each weekday at 5:00PM learn the story behind the original tune and hear a different take with a cover song. Sometimes, the most popular version isn’t always the original. You’ll never know what you may discover, Under The Covers on Cannonball 101!