Moon In The Morning

Monday-Friday 6a-10a

Phil MoonPhil Moon has been involved in radio in East Idaho almost as long as he has been listening to it. At the tender age of 15 he had his own radio show, doing nights on KIGO in St. Anthony. He has spent his life in the Snake River valley and enjoys everything East Idaho has to offer. That’s not to say he doesn’t also love to travel; Disneyland is, as far as Phil can testify, the Happiest Place on Earth. Moon spends his spare time hanging out in the yard with his dogs or being the co-taxi for his pre-driving teenagers. In the car, he is blasting THE Greatest Hits and when he mows the lawn he’s listening to Queen, Boston or AC/DC. “I just love radio and especially the hits from the 70’s and 80’s. To be able to spend a few hours every day ‘playing dj’ with this genre is really cool and has always been kind of a bucket-list-type thing for me. Couldn’t get better than this!”