Monday – Friday 6a-10a

Well hello there! It’s Hammer & I’m ecstatic to be making my triumphant return to East Idaho and if the best part of waking up in the morning is still a mystery to you…I’m here to solve that mystery…uh, hopefully? After a few stops in other states where I was politely asked to leave and not come back I’m happy that the fine folks here at Cannonball 101 decided to adjust their better judgment and bring me back into the fold. This time around I come bearing a small child that I’m pretty sure is mine…he definitely has my taste for the absurd so I figure he’s got to be. My belief is that a good beer and my momma’s pasta’s sauce help make the world ‘round. I love music…both live, recorded & sung by me in the shower & I LOVE to have a good time (just add booze) which is what I hope to bring to you every morning from 6a-10a so give a listen and let’s be pals!