Chelsea Ray

Monday – Friday 10a-3p

I was born in the south, moved to the west coast, and then further inland to stay close to family. Although my childhood was spent on the beaches of California I claim IdaHOME. An avid thrift shopper, knitter / crocheter, and lover of all things creative. I am also a photographer, a cosmetics enthusiast, and a wish-I-could-be costume designer. There is an entire room in my home dedicated to my collection of second hand books and I spend the majority of my time inside away from nature. Nature and I coexist when we have to but otherwise you’re more likely to find me snuggled under a blanket with my cats. I grew up playing softball and have since discovered (much to my delight) roller derby in Pocatello. I am SO WEIRD and corky about so many things it’s hard to follow sometimes. I suppose the best approach to getting to know me would be to talk to me in person! I’m not shy.