Working Rule Agreement Christmas Holidays

Posted on 16 Oct 2021
By rb_admin

If you do not have an agreement, your year will begin on the date you started working and on each subsequent anniversary of that date. If they are included in your right to vacation, you still accumulate paid days off for the holidays: for example, if you need to take 2 days of vacation, they must inform you at least 4 days in advance. Before making a change to the way employees take vacations, your employer may need to determine if there have been any habits and practices. If your employer makes significant long-term changes, such as . B to the number of vacation days or salary he gives, he must follow the contract change process. Your “vacation year” or “vacation year” is a term used to describe the period during which your employer expects you to take your annual leave. In your employment contract, you can make an agreement with your employer on the beginning of your vacation year, for example, from January 1 to December 31 for all members of the organization. The total amount of vacation allowance will continue to accrue at 0.558 days per week of service. That is, 29 days a year. The “Euro” element of it will be charged up to 0.404 days per week of the service. That is, 21 days under the ICJC agreement.

Your entitlement to annual leave may include so-called “partial days” (p.B 11.2 days for someone who works two days a week). You need to ask your employer how they want you to handle these partial days. They cannot be rounded, but do not need to be rounded to the next full day. However, an employer can do this if they wish. If a holiday falls on one of your normal working days and you don`t want to take the day off, you can ask your employer if you can work on the holiday and take another day off instead. Your contract may set out other rules about when you can take your vacation. This is allowed as long as the rules do not prevent you from taking a vacation at all. If you can take leave, the standard rules for transferring leave will still apply. Your employer can also let you go on holiday on public holidays or at Christmas. For example, the store could be closed for those days. Keep in mind that vacation can be included in your right to paid leave – you can check your employment contract to find out.