What Is The Prespa Agreement

Posted on 15 Oct 2021
By rb_admin

Having demonstrated that, in the absence of the relevant intentions of the Contracting Parties, the Agreement cannot be easily brought into line with the concept of objective rules, and having examined what the reference to erga omnes actually means, the Agreement could be considered to be a linguistic tool without the corresponding guarantees of implementation. In a way, this reference seems to be more of a political tool for the public opinion and the political scene of both countries in order to emphasize as clearly as possible the need to respect the bilateral commitments made. The only way to maintain the agreement in the face of opposition from third parties could therefore be to confirm the duty of care resulting from the agreement, which is incumbent on both parties to constantly demand the correct use of the name agreement by third parties. Be that as it may, the inherent limitations of a bilateral agreement cannot be easily overcome by simply using more robust language regarding North Macedonia`s duties in promoting its new official name. .