User Agreement Upwork

Posted on 13 Oct 2021
By rb_admin

There is an article for Ukraine: I am a new freelancer and my interview with my first client was done in the zoom. When I sent my proposal, he responded to the work, asked me if I was available, I said yes and he sent a zoom link. The interview focused on professional qualifications, as in the case of normal qualifications. After that, he sent me the contract/offer to Upwork, I accepted it and started working the same night. Since I started, I`ve decided to read the policies, check the emails sent by Upwork, and I`ve discovered that the new policy requires users to conduct the interview through the Upwork platform. I`m really afraid that my account will be blocked because of this. When I received the email about the new directive, I couldn`t read it because I had a full-time job, I was taking care of other things, and I was inactive in Upwork. I also had a Skype job interview for a part-time job long before the new directive started, so I thought it was okay. Also, I saw that my client only came to Upwork this year, so they may not be aware of it. I know it is my fault and I very much regret not having read the directive before I started. I now read all of Upwork`s terms of service, other policies and I`m especially careful.

I`m also thinking about contacting customer service, but I don`t know what to say. I`m really scared because I don`t want my account to be blocked since I quit my full-time job and decided to pursue my freelance career here at Upwork. Someone can help me. . 1. Personal Data: Freelancer collects, stores, transfers, discloses, processes, destroys or processes other personal data only (a) for the purpose of providing the Services and as ordered by the Upwork Customer, b) in accordance with this Annex 1 and (c) in accordance with applicable law. In the event of an objection between the legislation in force and this Annex 1, freelancers will comply with the legislation in force. . .