Taking Name Off Tenancy Agreement

Posted on 10 Oct 2021
By rb_admin

This means that even if you broke up and one of you left the property to live elsewhere, the person who left cannot simply be “removed from the lease” because they are still the (common) tenant. You also remain responsible for the rent. The rental agreement is a legally binding agreement that sets out the obligations of the social landlord to carry out repairs in the tenant`s apartment. But it only takes one common tenant to end the tenancy – the whole lease for everyone – at least if the fixed term of a lease is over and/or if the lease is periodic or if an interruption clause allows for early termination by a common tenant. If you are a co-tenant and you both want to leave, you or your ex-partner can terminate the rental agreement by termination. You both have to move. If your rental agreement is almost complete, you can inform your landlord that you are going all the way – this is called “termination”. If your rental agreement doesn`t end quickly, you can ask your landlord to end it prematurely – this is called “abandoning your lease”. If you`ve agreed that one of you wants to stay, it`s usually best to explain it to your landlord and ask them to update the lease. Your landlord doesn`t have to agree. One of the factors taken into account when separating, divorcing or dissolving the body is the occupation of the family/common home. The judge may order a transfer of lease.

If you are in a situation where a relationship is breaking down, you should seek legal advice. So if they are a conjugal couple or even a partner with civil rights, the other partner might have to give permission to do things that happen. Therefore, let this point be clarified and, if you change your name and renew the agreements on a new basis, check that the aforementioned parties have clarified this point separately with other parties. If you live in the property and your ex is gone, he can end the entire lease – including your right to stay there – with a one-month delay without notifying you. Steps can be taken in this regard (see below). If your name appears on the lease, you are responsible for paying the rent. And many, many variations on this – “my ex is on the lease, he can get the lease”, “who gets the rental contract from the Council if I separate”. “I can remove my ex from the rental”, etc. The end of a fixed-term contract does not always mean the end of your rental and rental liability, even if you move. If the deceased tenant had already requested the succession of the lease, there is no right to a second succession. .

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