Student Agreement Amendment

Posted on 09 Oct 2021
By rb_admin

CONSIDERING that, in accordance with Resolution No. 193 of 21 May 2019, the President of the Ulster County Legislature is empowered to make a treaty amendment on behalf of the COUNTY. H. School discipline: School discipline is the sole responsibility of the school administration. The SRO will not participate in the investigation of disciplinary violations of the Code of Conduct or the application of the Code of Conduct. The SRO will follow the boces guidelines and the state and federal laws in force with regard to formal interviews with students or staff, searches or seizures on school sites or in school functions under the jurisdiction of BOCES. 3. This amendment shall be subject to the approval of the Boces Board of Directors. CONSIDERING that the parties wish to amend certain parts of the contract with respect to the responsibilities of the SRO and the District with respect to student discipline in order to meet Ed.`s requirements.